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Meet the A-1 Nutrition Store Staff


June NeblungJune Neblung: A-1 Nutrition has been a part of my life from the age of 10, ever since my mother Jeanetta opened it in 1977. She really was ahead of her time as there were few other stores like it. However, I didn’t start living the lifestyle until after I graduated college in 1991. My commitment to the business stemmed from the fact that I wasn’t physically well and conventional medicine didn’t help me. The solution lay right in front of me, and I began making choices that served me well. The heavy fatigue and intense body aches began to lift. It was at this time, I knew I would one day take over the store. My husband Kevin and I officially bought the store in 2001 and it has been a true blessing and joy for me.




Kevin NeblungKevin Neblung: When Kevin and I met in the 90’s, he was very receptive to a healthier way of living. Owning A-1 allows Kevin and I to be a part of both worlds that matter most. While one is available for our children, the other is tending to our store.  On rare occasion, you will find us working together  – we are a great team! When at the store, Kevin takes great pride in keeping it beautiful ( notice his artistic contributions inside store and outside!) and super clean, while also catering to the customers needs. Need a topic researched and valuable information?   Kevin is your guy! He is a vital part of the continued growth of our family business.





LedaLeda: Leda had been a customer for several years when she began working with us in 2007. She is very passionate about cleansing (and salsa dancing!) She often reminds people to listen to their bodies, for the answer lies within. She speaks both English and Spanish, which is hugely helpful. I sincerely hope she works with us for a very long time.






NickyNicky: When I realized we needed another person in 2014, I went to my desk to review the several applications I had recently acquired.  To my surprise, I could only find one  and that’s when I knew Nicky was our girl!  Nicky has many interests and is a certified Personal Trainer, as well.  Her energy and eagerness to assist you, has made her a wonderful addition to our staff.






JeanettaJeanetta: Jeanetta founded A-1 Nutrition Store in 1977. She retired from the business in 1996, but her founding vision remains at the heart and soul of the store. She has recently published her first children’s book Ann’s Amazing Adventure. The book is available for sale at A-1 Nutrition.