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Supplements and Natural Remedies

While healthy food is essential, many of us do not get everything we need from our diet. For over 40 years, A-1 Nutrition Store has offered only the finest quality supplements and natural remedies to fulfill that need. Whether you are dealing with a physical ailment or a mental/emotional situation, we have a natural alternative for you!  

In our super well stocked and clean supplement aisles you will find everything you need for the whole family!
Come on in and let our knowledgeable and experienced staff help you find the products that will work best for what you need!


Vitamins and Supplements

A-1 Nutrition Store carries an extensive selection of top quality vitamins and supplements, including Mega Food and New Chapter. both of which are considered by many to be the very best in the industry,

We also carry Terry Naturally, Now, Solgar, Nature’s Plus, Nutrition Now, Nature’s Way, Flora, Carlson, Nordic Naturals, Maxi Health, Navitco, Freeda, and Zhalers. We also have our own private label A-1 Nutrition Store Vitamins. With all the brands we carry, you can expect exceptional quality!

Some of our most popular supplements:

  • PB8 Probiotics
  • Bluebonnet’s Children’s Chewables – Melatonin and Omega’s
  • Natures Antibiotic Colloidal Silver
  • Quercetin for Allergy’s
  • ANXIO CALM for anxiety
  • Curamin / Turmeric for pain and inflammation
  • Plantlife Protein Powder
  • Elderberry – a must for Cold and Flu season
  • Collagen for hair, skin and joints
  • Methyl cobalamin (natural B12)
  • Papaya chewables for digestive health
  • Blood Builder for those that are deficient
  • Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Vitamin B17  – card to find and sought after
  • A-1 Nutrition Store Vitamin D3 in all potencies at an everyday low price.


We pride ourselves with having possibly the largest homeopathic section in North Jersey! Our choice is Boiron for individual remedies – topping the list with the ever so essential Aconite, Allium Cepa, and Arnica. Of course, we have all of the others all the way to Thuja. (We have seen firsthand, warts and molluscum disappear!). We even carry Oscillococcinum (don’t worry – we’ll know what you’re talking about even if you can’t pronounce it!) If we don’t have your remedy, we can order it and usually have it for you in a day or two.

Not sure about which remedy you need?
We can help you choose!

Come in and check out our blends from Hyland’s. Whether you or the kids have a cold, cough, flu, earache, stress, watery or itchy eyes, a rash, hemorrhoids, sinus congestion, allergies, leg cramps or pain, we have a homeopathic solution waiting.  We even have something for colic and teething for your baby!

We also have homeopathic topical solutions for you – such as PlantLife Arnica relief gel and Calendula creams to help with those minor skin irritations and also something for Psoriasis and Eczema.


We offer over 100 quality dried herbs Our customer favorites are: Organic Elderberries, Hibiscus, Olive, Nettle, Mullein, Ceylon Cinnamon, Lavender, and even Red Rose Petals

We carry a huge section of top-brand teas, such as Traditional Medicinal (Throat Coat is our top seller!), Yogi, Pukka, Celebration and Organic India – just to name a few.

Drinking Herbal Teas has many benefits. However, not everyone loves drinking tea. No worries! You can still reap the benefits by taking herbs in pill form and/or tincture.

Turmeric is being sought after for its anti-inflammatory properties and we offer it from a few different companies. You may want to try Terry Naturally Curamin which has a blend of herbs (including Turmeric) and is our #1 selling product for pain relief. 

Come in and we will answer all of your questions!