A-1 Nutrition Store - Passaic NJ Health Food Store - Passaic County, New Jersey
210 Main Ave • Passaic Park, NJ
Store Hours:  Monday - Friday: 9 – 6:30    •    Saturday: 10 – 2    •    Sunday: 10 – 5

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A-1 Nutrition Store

“June and Kevin are the best!! They’re passionate about helping their customers achieve their health goals and knowledgeable about the products they carry. It’s one of the friendliest shops in town!”
Leslie Weiner Morrison

“A-1 is certainly great find. A-1 = A+ a hundred times over!”
Beverly Friedman 

“During this holiday season I wanted to take the time to say thank you for such a well run store. I have lived in Passaic for over 10 years and whenever I needed vitamins or yummy health foods, I knew A-1 was the place to go!  The best part of my  shopping experience is talking to the staff who are so polite and extremely knowledgeable!  Thank you for accommodating the  community with so many Kosher products.  Also, I very much enjoy your garden and the décor on the outside of the store!  It is obvious that the store is a family business because of all the love that goes into making it the best ever!”
Debbie Hemmingson

“When we were considering moving to Passaic, I had to make sure there was a good health food store in town.  I remember walking into A-1 for the first time and meeting your smiling, helpful, wonderful Mom Jeanetta (and later, her child, June) That was 1982 and I have been a customer ever since. “
Shana Worthman

“Your staff is so knowledgeable and have always been so helpful to me every single time I walk in the door without fail.  I am so appreciative for every good thing you have done for me by way of suggestions as well as your kindheartedness.  It’s no wonder you’re so successful! “
Natalie Lynn Bendzak

“I want to thank you for all your advice and positive energy.  I travel far to your store, only because I feel like you all are my family.  If only I can decide on what relative to call you :o)”

“I have said many times, we are lucky for A-1 Nutrition Store.  It’s an oasis of life in the middle of such a chaotic world…  blessed we are!”
Ray Coupland